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In ancient China, it was created by leaving tea and honey out in the hot sun. In Russia, it’s known as chainiy grib, which translates to “tea mushroom” in English. In the 1960s, health-conscious California hippies called it “brewed tea.” Today, you know it as Kombucha – a fermented, non-alcoholic tea that has gone mainstream and is touted for its many health benefits. Like sauerkraut, miso, kimchi and other fermented foods, Kombucha has gained popularity in recent years. And this is fantastic news for Dasha Smolentseva and Sebastien Armand.

Dasha and Sebastien, co-founders of Artizen Kombucha, are long-time lovers and brewers of this probiotic-rich, fermented tea. As a little girl in Siberia, Dasha would ferment Kombucha in her grandmother’s kitchen (in the Soviet Union, Kombucha is a popular alternative to sugary soda). Sebastien, a brewer and certified permaculture consultant by trade, has made Kombucha for about a decade. When Dasha and Sebastien met, their shared love of slow food and fermentation led them to experiment with making Kombucha. In 2016, after several years of tinkering, growing and brewing, Dasha and Sebastien decided to ramp up their Kombucha production.

Artizen Kombucha co-founder Dasha Smolentseva.

Today, Artizen Kombucha has evolved into a large production facility and retail space in Perth, Ontario. Dasha and Sebastian have grown their expansive wholesale business to serve retailers across the country. But, despite their growth and popularity, Dasha and Sebastien remain true to their values and origins, adhering to pure, simple methods that go into the magical process of fermenting Kombucha.

Artizen Kombucha comes in a wide variety of delicious flavours, including:

Tart Cherry

Lemon Ginger

Pomegranate Lemon

Raspberry Hibiscus

Spring Rejuvenate (Oolong, Organic Lavender, Mint and Sage)

Happily, you can find all of these flavours in the 350 ml size at Mrs McGarrigle’s.

Mrs McGarrigle’s “Meet the Maker” series celebrates local food producers who care about making high-quality food products with locally and/or ethically sourced ingredients. We are proud to carry these products at Mrs McGarrigle’s and to uplift our local economy.

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