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Food is a time machine. The lovely perfume of a sauce reducing on a stovetop or something baking in the oven can transport us through time and space, evoking memories of people and places we love. And if you were to ask Arisbe Castellanos if she has ever been transported by food, she’d say she’s built a career on this very idea.

Arisbe’s understanding of food runs deeper than most. Her expertise in food began in Mexico, where she worked as a food chemist. When Arisbe immigrated to Canada 11 years ago, she brought her family’s culinary traditions with her. Like many artisan food producers, she started small, cooking traditional Mexican dishes for her family. Arisbe’s passion for food evolved into teaching cooking lessons. When the demand grew, Arisbe pivoted to catering services, and her work evolved beyond this to develop Mi Cocina, a line of products that includes Mexican salsas and corn chips. “Mi Cocina” translates into English as “My Kitchen,” and through the magic of flavour, Arisbe transports her customers to her Mexican kitchen with every delicious bite.

Made in Cornwall, Ontario, Mi Cocina salsa flavours include:

Salsa Jalapeno – Fire-roasted tomatoes and jalapeño peppers bring intense flavour and mild heat to your palate.
Salsa Verde – Tangy tomatillo, spicy jalapeño and cilantro. These simple ingredients pack a lot of flavours.
Salsa Craft Beer – Roasted tomatoes, a splash of a select Rurban brew and a special blend of peppers bring an elevated taste to your dishes.
Salsa Chipotle Medium – Fire-roasted tomatoes and smokey chipotle peppers add a zing to your kitchen creation.
Salsa Habanero – Fire-roasted tomatoes and habanero peppers add an excellent level of heat and sweetness. Hot!

All of the above are available at Mrs. McGarrigle’s.

Mrs McGarrigle’s “Meet the Maker” series celebrates local food producers who care about making high-quality food products with locally and/or ethically sourced ingredients. We are proud to carry these products at Mrs McGarrigle’s and to uplift our local economy.

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