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some fan favourites

Equator Coffee Roasters Eclipse Decaf Coffee
Grammies Jammies Pectin-Free Bluberry Jam
Garlic Pantry Garlic Ginger Jelly
Top Shelf Preserves Molasses Baked Beans
OUT OF STOCK Joe Beef BBQ Chicken Spice
Burnbrae Farms Nanny Hudson's Homestyle Relish
Henderson Farms Rhubarb Jam
Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee Melosa Decaf Coffee
The Bay Tree Jellied Apple Cider
OUT OF STOCK Mermaid Mixes Cranberry Almond Granola
Savoury Favourites Chipotle Maple Pepper
OUT OF STOCK Fig and Blood Orange Jam
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Made by Mrs. McGarrigle's

You have to try these

Lemon Dill Mustard
British Beer Mustard
Mini Mustards Sampler Pack
Four Fruit Jam
Fresh Tomato Relish
Oktoberfest Mustard

Made by McGarrigle's

At Mrs. McGarrigle’s, we’ve been making artisan products and award winning mustards for 30 years, and we’re pretty passionate about what we do.