• Coming Soon : Limited Edition Beer Mustard!


    We’re extremely excited to announce our collaboration with Barley Days Brewery in making a limited edition Brown Ale Mustard with the local brewery.

    Stay tuned for more information!

  • Cheese of the Month

    smoked blue

    June’s featured cheese is a Smoked Blue from Saint-Benoit-du-Lac

    This semi-soft blue-veined cheese is made from pasteurized milk and aged for 6 months in the Abbaye de Saint-Benoît-du-Lac’s ripening rooms. Introduced in 2013, this cheese is made from specially selected blue cheeses. The smoking process gives the cheese a slightly woody taste that goes well with the flavour of the Roqueforti fungus.

    This cheese is made by Benedictine monks from the Abbaye de Saint-Benoît-du-Lac, who live off their manual labour.

    Stop by the store today to pick some up for yourself!

  • Product of the Month

    Nanny Hudson’s Home-Style Ketchup

    “Nananny hudsonsnny Hudson’s Homestyle Ketchup has been a well-loved condiment at the kitchen table of generations of our family. The fresh tangy taste of our Homestyle Ketchup is so versatile, it can be used as an ingredient in recipes to enhance the taste of meat dishes like meatloaf or as a condiment for those well-loved comfort foods like eggs, grilled cheese, stews and casseroles.”