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  • Perth Lions Garlic Festival 2015!

    If you made it to this years Garlic Festival in Perth you might have caught owner and found of Mrs. McGarrigle’s Miss Janet Campbell cooking up a garlic inspired menu!

    With so much great feed back, we wanted to share the recipes with you!

    Here’s what Janet had to say!

    I had fun last weekend doing a cooking demo at the Perth Garlic Festival. I had recently harvested my garlic at home so had lots of fresh tasty garlic to play with! And mustard (of course!)
    Fennel, Celery & Apple Slaw w Mustard Vinaigrette

    -2 heads fennel, very thinly sliced

    -4 stalks celery, thinly sliced

    -2 apples, thinly sliced

    -2tbsp finely chopped fresh dill or parsley

    -3 tbsp lemon infused olive oil

    -Sea salt, pepper

    Finely slice all ingredients and combine.

    Classic Wholegrain Mustard Vinaigrette

    -2 tbsp McGarrigle’s Classic Wholegrain Mustard

    -3 tbsp white wine vinegar or fresh lemon juice

    -2 tbsp fresh chopped mint and/or parsley

    -1/3 cup extra virgin olive oil

    Combine mustard and vinegar or lemon juice. Whisk in olive oil then add fresh herbs. Dress slaw with vinaigrette.


    Marinated Flank Steak

    -2 lbs flank steak

    -2 cloves fresh garlic, minced

    -2 tsp Joe Beef rub

    -2 tbsp McGarrigles Red Wine & Garlic Mustard

    -1/3 cup soya sauce

    -1/4 cup honey

    -3 tbsp red wine vinegar

    -1/3 cup olive oil

    Combine all ingredients and marinate overnight. Heat bbq to high and sear steaks 3-4 minutes per side. Turn off bbq and leave steaks 4-5 minutes longer. Remove to a plate and let rest 10 minutes, then cut diagonally across the grain and serve over fennel slaw.


  • Product of the Month

    Nanny Hudson’s Home-Style Ketchup

    “Nananny hudsonsnny Hudson’s Homestyle Ketchup has been a well-loved condiment at the kitchen table of generations of our family. The fresh tangy taste of our Homestyle Ketchup is so versatile, it can be used as an ingredient in recipes to enhance the taste of meat dishes like meatloaf or as a condiment for those well-loved comfort foods like eggs, grilled cheese, stews and casseroles.”