Our Team

  • Barbara McGrath

    Retail Store Manager

    Barbara, our Store Manager, brings with her 40 years experience in the Gourmet Food industry. Her positive energy and knowledge provide a welcoming experience for anyone she interacts with. If you have any questions/concerns with our retail store or customer service please do not hesitate to contact her at barbara@mustard.ca.

  • Stella Trynda

    Mustard Maven

    Stella has been a constant member of the Mrs. McGarrigle’s Team for over 18 years. Apart from Store owner Janet Campbell she is the longest reigning employee filling the rest of the staff with her wisdom and charm. Always capable of putting a smile on your face, she is an undeniable part of the Mrs. […]

  • Julie Kipp

    Administrator, Bookkeeper

    Julie, our accountant, has 25 plus years experience in the bookkeeping field. Her hard work and  creative spirit are essential in the operation of Mrs. McGarrigle’s. You will find Julie is always polite and understanding to speak with.  If you have any questions or concerns regarding accounts payable/receivable feel free to contact Julie at accounting@mustard.ca.

  • Elizabeth O’Brien

    Production Manager, Head of Wholesale Distribution

    Liz has been a been part of the mustard production team since 2013, and has recently stepped into the role of production manager and head of wholesale distribution. With extensive knowledge of Mrs. McGarrigle’s product line, Liz is more than happy to answer any of your wholesale questions and inquiries. To place a wholesale order […]

  • Janet Campbell

    Owner & Founder

    Janet’s passion for fine food and fine mustard led her to the creation of Mrs. McGarrigle’s! Whether it’s a cooking class, Friday night dinner, or even on culinary excursion to Italy – Janet is usually found in the kitchen! If you have a question or comment, drop her a line at janet@mustard.ca.

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