• Saturday, April 29: Michael’s Dolce

    Michael owner and creator of Michael’s Dolce will be joining us April 29th to blow you away with his utterly unique and wonderful line of jams, spreads and syrups! With pairings like peach and cardamom these flavors will leave you wanting more!

  • Saturday May 6th: Grammies Jammies and Scrummy Scones

    Its yard sale weekend in the Village and what better way to recharge than a perfect pairing of Pectin free handmade Jam and gourmet handmade scones?! Two of our favorite local ladies team up with their unique products to bring a delightful snack to your taste buds! Don’t miss this delectable  Demo!

  • Saturday May 6th: Fluid Coffee

    We are delighted to welcome Fluid Solar Roasted Coffee in the shop on May 6th for a tasting of some of their delicious coffee blends. Care goes into the creation of every bag of coffee as the beans are roasted using solar  power in small 8 pound batches, making each bean truly special. Make sure to stop in and grab a sip of this new tasty and environmentally friendly coffee!

  • In-Store Demos

    instore_demos_headerWe love sharing our products with our customers. That’s why when you come and visit us, you’ll see that we sample amazing olive oils, balsamic vinegars, chutneys, jams, and sauces from local producers for you try every day! Occasionally, someone from the community will stop by to talk about and sample some of their products right in the store as well.

    Come visit our store to browse our entire selection of fine gourmet products.

    There’s always something happening!

    We like definitely like to keep busy, whether it’s with our in-store demos, cooking classes, or Friday Night Dinners.