• Friday July, 7th: Kricklewood Farms

    We are delighted to welcome our favorite, local, Sunflower Oil producer, Kricklewood Farms, into the shop for a tasting of their oils and their new line of sunflower oil bread dippers! Kricklewood Farms uses all natural farming methods and never uses pesticides or herbicides. Their delicious, heart-healthy oils are created using the cold press method which helps to retain the natural flavor and nutrients of the oil. This is a tasting not to miss!

  • Saturday, July 22nd: Italian Cooking Demo

    We are always ecstatic to share our kitchen with Chef Margo! Margo provides us with a large quantity of our olive oils, vinegar’s, pasta’s and sauces, and she knows the best ways to use them in the kitchen! Stop by to taste some marvelous dishes, grab some product, recipes and tips to make your next meal unforgettable!

  • In-Store Demos

    instore_demos_headerWe love sharing our products with our customers. That’s why when you come and visit us, you’ll see that we sample amazing olive oils, balsamic vinegars, chutneys, jams, and sauces from local producers for you try every day! Occasionally, someone from the community will stop by to talk about and sample some of their products right in the store as well.

    Come visit our store to browse our entire selection of fine gourmet products.

    There’s always something happening!

    We like definitely like to keep busy, whether it’s with our in-store demos, cooking classes, or Friday Night Dinners.