Gnocchi Making in Amelia!

I’ve always loved gnocchi – it was my mom’s favourite and it’s my daughter, Hailey’s, favourite, too! I had only made a ricotta gnocchi at home before, a recipe that I learned to make at a cooking school in Lazio, near Rome. We had a lot of fun making the more traditional potato version and made copious amounts of delicious gnocchi.

All the recipes in the blog were written for 12 people (see gnocchi recipe below) – so invite friends & family over when you make the gnocchi. Otherwise freeze the remaining gnocchi flat on cookie sheets, then transfer portion sizes to Ziploc bags. Incredibly rich and potatoey and delicious, large portions not required!

After potatoes (preferably red) are boiled in their skins, they are peeled while still hot – a skill requiring speed and nimble fingers! Potatoes are then put through a ricer, and flour and an egg are added to the mixture.

Kneading until desired consistency is reached, on a well floured surface. Gnocchi is definitely one of those things one needs to develop a ‘feel’ for to attain proper consistency.


Boil whole, unpeeled potatoes in salted water. Drain and cover the pot for 2-3 minutes when cooked, to firm up the potatoes. Peel. Put through ricer while still hot.

Add 1 egg to potato and mix well. Knead mixture until texture is correct.

Form two ‘loaves’ of dough. To start cutting the gnocchi, cut a 2″ piece across the width of the loaf, and roll out to approximately 1 inch thickness. Cut into 1 inch squares. Toss with a little flour as you make the pieces. Put on a tray covered with a sheet of parchment paper in one layer, taking care not to overlap.

Bring a large pot of salted water, to which olive oil has been added, to a boil. Cook 1/3 or ½ of the gnocchi at once, depending on the size of your pot – do not overcrowd. Cover and return to boil. When gnocchi surface (2-3 minutes), they are done. Remove them with a handheld strainer, set aside, then continue cooking the rest of the gnocchi. Serve with Ragu di Carne (meat sauce).

Serves 12.

We all pitch in to roll out the gnocchi dough. Maria, Alanna and Sydney hard at work, rolling the gnocchi into long rounded strips, then cutting into 1″ pieces, on a well-floured surface. We served the gnocchi with a meat sauce (ragu di carne):


In a large pot, combine olive oil, carrots, onions and celery and cook until onions are translucent. Add meat and continue cooking until browned. Add wine. Add salt, pepper, bay leaves and tomatoes or passato . Add 6 peperoncini. Continue to simmer approximately 1 hour. Adjust seasoning and add more salt, pepper & chillies if desired.

Andrea’s tip:

When adding wine to a sauce, use 1 cup for every 4 people.

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